We move more than molecules. Badeal provides a total customized supply-chain solution for CNG. We provide end-to-end logistical solutions for 24/7 supply. We provide built-for-purpose equipment and on-site services, including mobile fueling and CNG transportation.
As an experienced solution provider, Badeal works with the oil and gas, marine, on-road transportation, food industries, construction and literally any industry seeking energy efficiency and reliability implementation.

With CNG transportation and supply operations across United Arab Emirates, we provide the high horsepower and clean power industries with a reliable, safe and efficient energy supply. We design customized solutions – which could involve little to no capital outlay.

Why CNG?

CNG is a cost effective alternative compared to other fossil fuels. We will be more than happy to demonstrate the financial and energy saving your business may achieve. We will be pleased to hear from you

Natural gas is a cleaner burning fuel than diesel – it offers significant environmental benefits.
30% lower CO2 emissions
75% lower NOx emissions
90% lower particulate emissions
99% lower SOx emissions

Natural gas is inherently safer than diesel.
Non-toxic, non-corrosive
Dissipates if spilled
Narrow flammability range
Higher ignition temperature
Reduces hot fueling requirements

Badeal is dedicated to the high horsepower industry. Working with Badeal ensures a secure fuel supply to keep your operations running 24/7.
It’s easy to switch to natural gas
Badeal provides end-to-end CNG fueling solutions including production, transportation, and on-site storage and dispensing.