Pressure Reducing & Metering Skids

There is a wide breadth of pressure regulators that we can assemble within the gas pressure reduction system. The applications are diversified ranging from CNG, gas storage facilities, gas transmission and city gas distribution.
The design may range from a fully redundant and automated system to a single line pressure reducing unit.
A very important module in the oil & gas system is the metering units. Badeal supplies metering systems for oil & gas applications.
The metering skids can be designed for various pressure requirements which range from mbars up to 250 barg.
The metering stations will be equipped with the necessary filtration cartridges upstream the metering unit in order to prevent debris and particles.
Besides that, flow computers will be used with the AGA standards as per the requirements.
The systems are supplied on a skid mounted topology or in a containerized solution. Our engineering team will thoroughly study client’s requirements to provide the optimum solution


  • Scalability of design with respect to pressure and flow rate
  • Elimination of ice formation through temperature control
  • Continuous monitoring through live data transfer using our tailored monitoring system
  • Stringent safety control standards

Quality & Design

  • Quality System Certified to ISO 9001 : 2008
  • IGE TD / 13
  • GIS/E34
  • AGA 3, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11
  • ANSI B31.1, B31.3 piping code on packaged systems